Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

 4 years ago I joined the Yarn Harlot's crazy idea and had a ball.  I knit some hand dyed gloves sideways from a pattern in an older Spin-Off.  I had never knit gloves before so this was a good challenge for me. I cast on at a LYS and then took that project everywhere.  I did finish on time and earned myself a gold medal.  However the gloves do not fit like gloves so have languished in my yarn room.  I suppose some day they may be unearthed in a mad organizational frenzy. 
I can only find an in progress pic.

It was fun and I enjoyed the online comraderie.  

Stephanie, when asked last year if she was going to host this again, replied in the negative, citing her busy life, the amount of time it took up 4 years ago in postings and the burgeoning Ravelry community which already had many teams going.  I could definitely understand.

This year I considered joining one of those Ravelry Olympic Teams but just did not get around to it plus I have so many things going that starting something new - no let me phrase that better - waiting to start something new didn't cut it for me.  My knitting ADD is really bad this year.

On Feb 5 the Yarn Harlot posted a blog saying she would be glad to sponsor another event but that she could not possibly take on the listing part of it again and asked for a volunteer.   Today she announced that programming champ, David, had come forward (oh my gosh. I love technology.  A computer is doing in seconds what several people took hours and hours to do only 4 years ago) and so listed the rules.

Neat! Wonderful! YES.  Just the thing I need to get the Newsboy Cap done.  Well, out of my head and onto needles and written to be honest.  It has been gestating in there for weeks just waiting for space to be born.  I will do the swatching this week and maybe write a few ideas as practice.  We are allowed, nay required, to prepare but must not cast on until the Opening Ceremonies Friday, Feb 12.

I am signed up, listed on the really  l   o  n   g   official page and am ready to compete.

"Citius, Alitius Fortius"

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Sharon Ward (WardMom) said...

Susan - that copy of SpinOff with the sideways gloves on the cover, is what got me interested, and started, in Spinning -