Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the Swirl

I started MyVeryOwnSister's Holiday Socks in MVOS Woody the weekend of the Fiber Festival of New England.  So that was the first weekend in November.  Today, while the snow was blowing and swirling around the house I finished the second sock.  Granted I didnt work on these everyday, but some most days.  I have severe second sock syndrome so I make myself adhere to certain rules, otherwise the second sock may never appear or only part of it.  That UFO pile is amazing.

I start the toe on one and go until the stitches needed for the foot are reached.  Then I do the same to the second sock but take it to the start of the gussets.  I then take sock #1 to the gussets and up to the heel.  You get the picture.  I call it leap frogging.

Here's hoping MVOS doesn't mind having her sock's portait 
spread far and wide before she gets them.
I also made the socks two-colored. wasn't really planned, but since I used US0 needles for the feet and US 1's for the cuffs, I was afraid I'd run out of Woody before the cuffs were done and didn't want to make short socks.
So I did the following.  
Found some Bark Panda hanging around and incorporated it thusly:
After 2.25 inches of cuff I added the Bark for 1 round.
Then the MVOS for 5 rounds, Bark for 2 rounds, MVOS for 4 rounds, Bark for 3 rounds, MVOS for 3 rounds, Bark for 4 rounds, MVOS for 2 rounds, Bark for 5 rounds, MVOS for 1 round and the rest in Bark, ending with 1.25 inches of k3, p2 ribbing.

The SWIRLY RIB pattern is my own unvention.  
I haven't checked in all the Barbara Walker books yet but don't remember seeing it there.

What I love about this pattern is that it swirls around the cuff automatically 
with no moving the BOR marker at all.

Swirling Rib Pattern
(mult of 5 sts, in the round)

 *k2togtbl, k2, kfb*
(k2 together thru back loop, knit 2, knit front & back in same stitch. 
Repeat between the asterisks around and around.)
The two arrows show the BOR (beginning of row space) as it moves around the cuff.
The cuff has plenty of stretch if needed and is a bit of a fun pattern.

Please let me know if you try this one out.  Send pics too.
Happy Holidays.