Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunrise / Sunset

Jim and I are spending some well deserved R&R time in the Adirondacks at Loonhaven Cottage. We drove up yesterday in lovely sunshiney weather, were greeted by a red bodied dragonfly almost camoufloged on the red dock,
then settled in for reading and snacks and dinner and quiet.  Cole is taking care of the buns and the kitties while Baz came with us.  Baz loves it up here as much as we do.  
This morning we woke up to a glorious sunrise gilding the Tamaracks across the lake.
Then this afternoon we ventured down to Old Forge to the View, which used to be called the Old Forge Arts Center, to view the annual quilt show featuring 84 traditional, wall and art quilts, mostly from NYS but some from elsewhere too.
The quilt on the bed is being raffled off.  I love this display.  In the old center, the raffle quilt was hung in the stairwell but this shows it off way better.
Some of my favorite quilts were:

Seaway Avenue by Clara Pope of Syracuse
1st Place in Bed quilts, Best in Show and the Silver Needle Award

Majestic Mountains by Allison Brown-Cestero from San Antonio, received Honorable Mention in Bed Quilts. Until I actually took its picture I could have sworn this quilt's 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock points went outside the frame.

7 Green Quilts by Bethany Krawec of Upeer Jay, NY received 2nd Place in Bed quilts.  This was done as a club and learning experience in parts.  Bethany then decided to place the 6 parts as though they were completed quilts overlapping on a bed creating the 7th quilt.

Dragonfly Windows by Julia Masters Deisinger of North Syracuse.  The photo doesn't come closer to doing this one justice as the dragonflies are 3 dimensional and the piece itself is spectacular.

ADK Pond by Linda Swanekamp of Buffalo was my fav of all the pieces I saw.  It's hand and machine embroidered but neither comes up well in the photo. Got me to remembering my own machine and hand embroidered art quilts and bemoaning the fact that my Pfaff will not do these things for me.  sigh

In a special nature room are live mosses, stuffed birds, photographs and ceramic sculptures depicting many areas and animals of the Adirondacks.
Open House by Mary Yodeer shows a hollowed out tree stump containing mushrooms, a mouse, a toad and a visiting bird with a snake climbing up the outside.

Resting Hare by Mary Philpott is full of texture and color.  She used several glazes and engobes to get the effect.  It seems to be quite accurate anatomically too.
We ended the day with some homemade clam chowder, with Jim going upstairs to watch baseball playoffs, with me reading the latest Andy Carpenter mystery and Basel fast asleep on the rug.