Sunday, February 28, 2010


My medal news coming up after the Closing Ceremonies (probably tomorrow).
Now to go watch the Canadian/USA Hockey game.

edited at 6:31pm EST
That was probably THE BEST hockey game I have ever had the privilege to watch.
Granted it was fielded with the best NHL players so more like an All Star Game but still.
There was Team USA undefeated going into this game while Team Canada had already been defeated once by Team USA.

Several of the players went to Cornell and one, Dustin Brown, went to the Boynton Middle School while I was teaching there. Yes, Ithaca is hockey crazy.  Jim thinks he was one of my students but it is hard to remember so many years ago with 120 students to teach each day.  I had several every year that were sleepy after their 4 or 5 am hockey practices during the season.

I knit not one stitch the entire 3 play periods, although I did knit during the breaks. The action was so steady and exciting I sat close to the screen cheering.   Happily my goal was to have both my challenges done before the game and I rose to that ambition.  My hockey knitting was a Leafy Hat designed by Ruth Stewart, wife of one of the Canadian bobsled people so I thought it appropriate. 

Pulling the USA goalie over a minute before the end of the game was a brilliant but dangerous strategy that worked, tying the game at 2:2.  So exciting!  Instead of a 10 minute overtime sudden death period with the full team it was a 20 minute sudden death period with only 4 on 4 plus the goalies.  A much harder game to play and way more dependent on the goalie keeping out the puck with next to no back up.  At that point I didn't care who won as both teams were so fantastic. Yes, I hoped for Team USA but it went to Canada in less than 10 minutes.

The USA team looked so sad at the medal ceremony.  There they were getting beautiful silver medals and not enjoying that distinction at all.  Hopefully later on they will see a better view of themselves.
What a great close to the events.  Soon the Closing Ceremonies and a great end to a great event.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Knever Knot Knitting

Here we go into the final week of Olympic Trials, Challenges, Disappointments and Success.

My sister sent me a soft glorious scarf for Valentine's Day made of real pure velvet in deep amethyst purple.  I put it on and have not taken it off, well except to sleep.  It has become my Olympic talisman scarf.
I may need to figure out more reasons to wear this after the Olympics ends as I LOVE IT and it is not even knit.  !!!!

So how are we doing?
Socks -- I am already setting records for speed in this event.

Spinning for my sister's socks - Saturday - Wednesday √
Cast-on and toes - Wednesday and Thursday √Feet - Thursday - Saturday  √

Gussets - Saturday  √
Heels - Sunday  √

Cuffs - Monday - Thursday

Lookin' very good.  No penalty laps thus far, although sleep deprivation is starting to set in.

 Bunny Cottontail Cap

Initial design and paper drafts - Friday - Sunday √
Prototype Trials  - Silver Medal - Saturday - Wednesday √

Brim solutions - included several contender variations before the final round was chosen -  Thursday √
First computer trial of pattern - Thursday √
Gold Medal Brim - Thursday √  Notice how it is in one piece, self attached to the ribbing and top sections.  Extra points here.

Second computer pattern Trials - Friday √
Ribbing Trials - Friday   √  got into the finals

Body Challenge - Saturday  √ got into the finals

Top Event - Sunday - Monday  --- now Sunday - Wednesday
Final Pattern Event  - Tuesday --- now Thursday

The last two events are a bit delayed so have accrued some penalty points but it should be completed within the Olympic times.  The extra points garnered with the brim should cancel these minuses.

"Citius, Alitius Fortius"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Nights, Two Toes

This Olympic Knitting is definitely a challenge and many sacrifices in life are being made, just like (well simulating) the real athletes.  I gave up on housework long ago but now my laundry, dyeing and shipping are getting behind and accounting has gone by the wayside. Oh and at least an hour of sleep each night which may turn into more as the 17 day limit comes closer. Plus I gave up Knit Knite this week to get a whole lot of concentrated time on the socks and hat.  All for the thrill of going for the GOLD.

Secondary Event - Sock Timeline
Spinning for my sister's socks - Saturday - Wednesday √
Cast-on and toes - Wednesday and Thursday √
Feet - Thursday - Saturday
Gussets - Saturday
Heels - Sunday
Cuffs - Monday - Thursday
Now I wonder if this isn't a bit too optimistic.  hmmmmnnn  but at least there are a few days of leeway so all should be well.

Prime Time Event - Bunny Cottontail Cap
Initial design and paper drafts - Friday - Sunday √
Prototype Trials  - Silver Medal - Saturday - Wednesday √

Brim solutions - included several contender variations before the final round was chosen -  Thursday √
First computer trial of pattern - Thursday √
Gold Medal Brim - Thursday √

Second computer pattern Trials - Friday √
Ribbing Trials - Friday

Body Challenge - Saturday
Top Event - Sunday - Monday
Final Pattern Event  - Tuesday

Well that all looks hunky dory.  Lots of leeway in the schedule for uncooperative weather or loose shoelaces or the knitting equivalent.
Think I am in Egypt instead of Vancouver (well really just south of Ithaca, NY)?  As long as I keep staying up until midnight and working on these instead of doing much of anything else it should happen as planned.  "Really." (as Helen would say).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Progress as of 2/17

I love watching the ice skating but it is not conducive to correctly following a fair isle chart.  So progress is probably slower than it could be. However I do think the top is coming along nicely.  The bunny cotton tails are completed and the body up to the neck, although that may be difficult to see yet.

There are 6 sections in the top of the cap, each containing a bunny and each alternating in color.

To more efficiently use my Olympic watching time I have spun up singles for my sister's next socks.

Haven't spun this colorway of mine before, Anshan's Biscotti,  but am really liking how the shades change and move. On the left are superwash merino/tencel (Woody) singles and on the right, superwash blue face leicester singles.  I think the combo will be very nice together.  They are due to be plied this afternoon.  If myveryownsister does not supply me with current measurements by this afternoon I will be starting another pair of socks for me.
After all I am on an Olympic deadline here. 

BTW this posting did the trick.  I now have mvos' measurements so will start her sock tonight.  
Sock knitting is THE perfect Olympic accompaniment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010 Progress Day 3 or is it 4?

So far so good.  
I only have frogged this out completely twice and parts more times but we are coming along.
The pairs short program skating was beautiful last night

Hard to see how it fits while on the 16" circs but I did try it on once while the bottom band was still on 2 circs and it sat fine.
Soon need to decide if the bottom band should be corrugated ribbing but I have time to dwell on that while the top and brim are brewing. (Those circs you can see near the top of the pic are from the provisional cast on that will be used for the brim.

Last night the top chart was drafted on knitting graph paper. Today it was transferred to Knit Visualizer and already altered several times as I work it in yarn.  That will continue to happen until I am completely satisfied with it.  But having the chart to work from is so much easier than endlessly erasing on graph paper.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

 4 years ago I joined the Yarn Harlot's crazy idea and had a ball.  I knit some hand dyed gloves sideways from a pattern in an older Spin-Off.  I had never knit gloves before so this was a good challenge for me. I cast on at a LYS and then took that project everywhere.  I did finish on time and earned myself a gold medal.  However the gloves do not fit like gloves so have languished in my yarn room.  I suppose some day they may be unearthed in a mad organizational frenzy. 
I can only find an in progress pic.

It was fun and I enjoyed the online comraderie.  

Stephanie, when asked last year if she was going to host this again, replied in the negative, citing her busy life, the amount of time it took up 4 years ago in postings and the burgeoning Ravelry community which already had many teams going.  I could definitely understand.

This year I considered joining one of those Ravelry Olympic Teams but just did not get around to it plus I have so many things going that starting something new - no let me phrase that better - waiting to start something new didn't cut it for me.  My knitting ADD is really bad this year.

On Feb 5 the Yarn Harlot posted a blog saying she would be glad to sponsor another event but that she could not possibly take on the listing part of it again and asked for a volunteer.   Today she announced that programming champ, David, had come forward (oh my gosh. I love technology.  A computer is doing in seconds what several people took hours and hours to do only 4 years ago) and so listed the rules.

Neat! Wonderful! YES.  Just the thing I need to get the Newsboy Cap done.  Well, out of my head and onto needles and written to be honest.  It has been gestating in there for weeks just waiting for space to be born.  I will do the swatching this week and maybe write a few ideas as practice.  We are allowed, nay required, to prepare but must not cast on until the Opening Ceremonies Friday, Feb 12.

I am signed up, listed on the really  l   o  n   g   official page and am ready to compete.

"Citius, Alitius Fortius"