Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Progress as of 2/17

I love watching the ice skating but it is not conducive to correctly following a fair isle chart.  So progress is probably slower than it could be. However I do think the top is coming along nicely.  The bunny cotton tails are completed and the body up to the neck, although that may be difficult to see yet.

There are 6 sections in the top of the cap, each containing a bunny and each alternating in color.

To more efficiently use my Olympic watching time I have spun up singles for my sister's next socks.

Haven't spun this colorway of mine before, Anshan's Biscotti,  but am really liking how the shades change and move. On the left are superwash merino/tencel (Woody) singles and on the right, superwash blue face leicester singles.  I think the combo will be very nice together.  They are due to be plied this afternoon.  If myveryownsister does not supply me with current measurements by this afternoon I will be starting another pair of socks for me.
After all I am on an Olympic deadline here. 

BTW this posting did the trick.  I now have mvos' measurements so will start her sock tonight.  
Sock knitting is THE perfect Olympic accompaniment.

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