Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Magoo at Last

It's been a long haul.  Jim's had a lyme relapse and cellulitis while my thigh muscle problem has returned.  Sorry to have not written in so long.  I am knitting, dyeing, designing but my time and thoughts have been elsewhere.

We were talked into  decided to take on the Fostering of Magoo until he is neutered.  Then we'll adopt him formally.  What's great about being his Foster Parents is that Shar pei Rescue will pay his vet bills until then.  Neat deal.  We get to hug this boy sooner than we thought and don't have to shell out much in the way of money except for food, grooming, harness, collar, etc.

So two weeks ago Carol, who was fostering our boy for 2 months, brought Magoo to MD, met Laura, who brought him to NJ where she and the rescue vet reside.  He got his first heartworm shot on a Monday night and had several days of recuperation to be ready to fly to Ithaca that Friday.  Alas the thunderstorms made the trip too hairy so it was postponed to Saturday, May 31.  We had our fingers and toes crossed.

              Sure enough we received a call from Jack, the pilot, that Laura got there with Magoo and  the flight was a go!

Expected arrival time in Ithaca was 10:45 am.
Evidently Magoo is a chatty fellow (above w/ Jack, below with Nancy)

We didn't get to see the plane land as the headwinds were less than expected so arrival time was 10:15 and we got there at 10:30.
The boy was very confused by then, what with all these changing humans in his life.
We took him straight to our local pet store to get fitted for a Martingale collar and harness which makes both his life and ours easier in the long run.  I do hate choking dogs with collars.
We brought him home, really home, but he didn't know that.  However he is such an adaptable fellow that he went along, confused but agreeable.

 He's settling in quite well.  There is no real history on this boy except he was found in Ocean City, MD, rather emaciated and scarred from ticks.  The rescue was notified and immediately found him a foster home in VA.  He was diagnosed with lyme, erlichia (from the same tick) and heartworm.  While in VA he was 'cured' of both the lyme and erlichia and started heartworm meds.  In NJ he got his first heartworm injection and mid June he'll get shots # 2 and 3.  He's under 2 years old so very playful but because of the heartworm injection must not get excited or play hard until weeks after the last shot and the vet declares the adult and juvenile worms dead and gone. He also can't be neutered until then.
Stay tuned for the next episode where we try to get the cats, Lillie and LouAnne, to accept this boy.