Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hemlock punch List

updated as of 9/15

The list was long.  The list was heavy.
BUT much of the list is now checked off.
It may not look like it in actual checks but all the items are not created equal.

Dye approximately 60 pounds of fibers.  √
Put dried dyed fibers into twists with labels.  √
Dye untold numbers of skeins of yarn.  √
Jim reskeins about 2/3 of those skeins.  √
Purchase and set up sales books.  √
Iron velcro to tablecloths.  √
Purchase plastic cloths for bottom of fiber bins.
Make more drive bands.  √
Verify motel reservations.  √
Get bunny, kittie and Basel supplies for the weekend.  √
Send out a Hemlock announcement. √
Put new yarn pics on palette page.
Finish making Pixie Batts.
Check printed pattern quantities. sort of until I ran out of ink.
Breathe. √ sometimes
Make more garment sample cards.
Print more business cards for me √ and Jim.  √
Install updated accounting software.  √
Create new banner graphics in Photoshop and take to Kinkos.  √
Pick up new vinyl banner. √  love it.

Try to keep sanity.  working on it
Complete new sock sample.

Pack up shop.  
Get Uhaul. √  wow is a 6 x 12 large.  We are not even filling half of it.  We usually use a 5 x8 but they didn't have any so upgraded us.
Load Uhaul and SUV.  almost done
Pack my stuff.
Notes for Cole on animal care.

See ya across from the Llamas in Barn A at Hemlock.