Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doggy Love or Idiocy? Occasions for Blessings

Idiocy Personified was me this morning.  After an inch of new snow last night it started pouring this morning.  Temps are hovering around freezing but Magoo was insisting on going to the park.  I waited until the temps got to 34 and decided to take the plunge.
Our driveway was 5 inches of slush but we made it out onto the road which was only 2 inches of slush.  No sign of the plow at 8:25am.  Crept down the hill in second to the paved part which was merely rough ice.  sigh.  People were turning around.  I asked why and one woman said someone heading back said there were multiple accidents on the main road.  hmmmnn
So I stuck to the edge of the road where there was dirt and made it to the highway.  Folks were doing 45.

Saw one car off the road about a mile down but no accidents and the pavement was a bit slushy but really fine.  Car temp was down to 31 by now.  The high for the day was supposed to be at 10am and 40.  Didn't look like that preditcion was going to come true.

By the time we got to Ithaca the temps were all the way up to 33.  Dog park was 3-4 inches of wet snow and slush with a flooded icy parking lot and water cascading out through the entrance portal.  Going through a large deep puddle to get Magoo's poop did in my water resistant boots so now my feet were wet.  "Good thing it's above freezing." my toes said.  A blessing.

Magoo wore his raincoat so only his head and tail were getting drenched.  It was pouring harder but Magoo wanted to chase balls.  There was only one other dog and crazy person out there although I had seen several of his friends leaving with their people as we turned in.  I lasted 15 minutes.  My raincoat funneled water onto my jeans so by a few minutes of walking I was wet from my knees to my toes.
When I finally walked through more slush and deep water back to the car and could open my iPhone I saw Jim had texted that the plow had gone up the hill.  Hurray!!!!!  At least I could now attempt coming home with some assurance of making it up our steep hill in West Danby.

We drove over to Greenstar Cooperative Market for our traditional morning breakfast.  Me for fair trade decaf and an organic Fat Boy scone. Magoo for some free range eggs and no gmo, no anitbiotic free range turkey sausage.  The parking lot was flooded so if my boots had held in the Dog Park they would have been drenched now.  Another blessing.  Inside Greenstar were at least a dozen folks with mops and buckets trying to stem the tide of water all over the floor coming from?????? Well it seems that the heavy rain melted all the snow so fast that drains were backing up.  Everyone was in such a pleasant mood.  One woman was worried that my shoes would get wet.  I told her that was already the fact and we laughed a bit.   I love that place.

Coming home was a much easier drive as the rain had cleared much of the slush from the main roads and the plows had been on our road too.  Well cindered and no problem driving back up our hill.
Of course the plow had knocked over the recycling I set out yesterday. They usually knock over the mailbox so this was better.  Blessing again.  Good thing my feet were already wet as I had to trudge around in 4 inches of slush to pick up an entire container of paper, plastic and empty glass jars.  It's still pouring.
The best blessing was coming into the house, drying off Magoo's head, putting his raincoat, my pants and socks into the dryer and then putting on a nice thick pair of hand knit socks.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Letting go of Outcomes

I have to confess I get very nervous/anxious when I don't know the outcome of something new to me.
Letting go and being here now is a wonderful moment to moment practice along with being grateful for what I have already.
Today Abraham spoke of sitting and thinking of people far away and wishing them peace, food, love, etc.  That we don't have to send money, just our positive energy.  Very true in so many ways so often in my life.