Friday, February 5, 2016

Letting go of Outcomes

I have to confess I get very nervous/anxious when I don't know the outcome of something new to me.
Letting go and being here now is a wonderful moment to moment practice along with being grateful for what I have already.
Today Abraham spoke of sitting and thinking of people far away and wishing them peace, food, love, etc.  That we don't have to send money, just our positive energy.  Very true in so many ways so often in my life.

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Jessie Adair said...

I strongly relate to everything you wrote here: the anxiety that comes with change and uncertain outcomes. Also, the concious and deliberate choice to stay as much as possible in the present moment -- the only place that is real and where we are neither replaying a memory (past) nor imagining an unfolding story (future). In the present there is the power to choose, to see a broader perspective, to appreciate all that is already here and to breath in the gratitude that calms the anxious heart, infuses it with joy and returns us to the place that is our true home. To. This. Very. Moment. There is power in this moment.

I think, as we grow in understanding, in peace, in joy, that we cannot help but radiate loving acceptance and respect. We've all come across people in whose presesence we feel at peace, safe, seen, despite not knowing them well.

To be our best selves is the best that we can have and give. It. Is. Priceless.