Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blogging Again.

It's been almost a year with no blogging.  Well--- I had a hip replaced which took up a lot of time and psychic energy and thought.  Now that I'm walking fine again, 2.5 miles this morning, I am also taking back up painting.   I'll be talking about my painting and pattern designing.
Probably not everyday, but then again my audience is tiny, and I don't want to just fill space.
But it feels like time.

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Jessie Adair said...

Glad to read that your are literally back on your feet again! Congrats on the 2.5 miles!

When you're ready to talk about your painting and pattern designing, I will be most interested to hear.

Do. Fill. Space. It is yours to fill. It helps you process and clarify and it is good for those of us us who happen to stumble into this space and who then discover a resonance with your spirit. When you create space for you, you create it for us, too.