Monday, June 15, 2009

Open House

We will be dyeing sock yarn on Saturday at 11 and 2 and on Sunday, at 1.  Each person will get to chose from several colors, cook their yarn, wait for it to cool, then rinse and take your very own unique hand dyed sock yarn home.
To insure you have a place in the fun please preregister and pay here.

Bring a friend. We will be under the tent so weather will not bother us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Young at Heart

We kept the location and party theme a surprise.  Mom knew the party was happening but nothing else.  Her first inkling was when we approached the theatre and there was her name.

She was beyond delighted.

We had the concession stand included as part of the party.

My sister from the back, talking to Hortie.   Ellen does not generally allow even that much of her to be photographed.

Mom's cousin Esther, Mom and her best friend Ruth (who will be 95 in August).  Esther's husband is reflected in the mirror.   Esther, Eli, Ruth and Ruth's son all drove up from Queens and Brooklyn just for the party.  Coincidentally both Ruth and Mom wore matching beaded necklaces Ruth made a few years ago.

Me, head to toe in Coldwater Creek, speaking with talented crafty Celia.

Then we went in to the movie.

My sister and I had seen the movie months ago and chose it for its relevance and uplifting message.  During the showing we thought the audience was much too quiet, although perhaps that age group does not clap and participate as much as younger groups, so we were worried it upset them.  Afterwards many of the guests told us they had not seen it before and loved it. Hurray!

Food time!

The buffet included turkey and roast beef sandwiches on home made rolls, ceasar salad, baked salmon and fruit salad.

Celia took many digital photos which were destined for a special digital display box she is putting together for Mom as a souvenir.

Ellen purchased chocolate reels in chocolate boxes as favors.  Many of the guests ate them as appetizers.
And finished with make your own sundaes --  deep chocolate or vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce, real hot fudge, strawberry sauce, chopped walnuts and oreo bits plus whipped cream.

We had a great time visiting with Mom's friends and seeing them all enjoying themselves.