Monday, February 22, 2010

Knever Knot Knitting

Here we go into the final week of Olympic Trials, Challenges, Disappointments and Success.

My sister sent me a soft glorious scarf for Valentine's Day made of real pure velvet in deep amethyst purple.  I put it on and have not taken it off, well except to sleep.  It has become my Olympic talisman scarf.
I may need to figure out more reasons to wear this after the Olympics ends as I LOVE IT and it is not even knit.  !!!!

So how are we doing?
Socks -- I am already setting records for speed in this event.

Spinning for my sister's socks - Saturday - Wednesday √
Cast-on and toes - Wednesday and Thursday √Feet - Thursday - Saturday  √

Gussets - Saturday  √
Heels - Sunday  √

Cuffs - Monday - Thursday

Lookin' very good.  No penalty laps thus far, although sleep deprivation is starting to set in.

 Bunny Cottontail Cap

Initial design and paper drafts - Friday - Sunday √
Prototype Trials  - Silver Medal - Saturday - Wednesday √

Brim solutions - included several contender variations before the final round was chosen -  Thursday √
First computer trial of pattern - Thursday √
Gold Medal Brim - Thursday √  Notice how it is in one piece, self attached to the ribbing and top sections.  Extra points here.

Second computer pattern Trials - Friday √
Ribbing Trials - Friday   √  got into the finals

Body Challenge - Saturday  √ got into the finals

Top Event - Sunday - Monday  --- now Sunday - Wednesday
Final Pattern Event  - Tuesday --- now Thursday

The last two events are a bit delayed so have accrued some penalty points but it should be completed within the Olympic times.  The extra points garnered with the brim should cancel these minuses.

"Citius, Alitius Fortius"

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