Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Nights, Two Toes

This Olympic Knitting is definitely a challenge and many sacrifices in life are being made, just like (well simulating) the real athletes.  I gave up on housework long ago but now my laundry, dyeing and shipping are getting behind and accounting has gone by the wayside. Oh and at least an hour of sleep each night which may turn into more as the 17 day limit comes closer. Plus I gave up Knit Knite this week to get a whole lot of concentrated time on the socks and hat.  All for the thrill of going for the GOLD.

Secondary Event - Sock Timeline
Spinning for my sister's socks - Saturday - Wednesday √
Cast-on and toes - Wednesday and Thursday √
Feet - Thursday - Saturday
Gussets - Saturday
Heels - Sunday
Cuffs - Monday - Thursday
Now I wonder if this isn't a bit too optimistic.  hmmmmnnn  but at least there are a few days of leeway so all should be well.

Prime Time Event - Bunny Cottontail Cap
Initial design and paper drafts - Friday - Sunday √
Prototype Trials  - Silver Medal - Saturday - Wednesday √

Brim solutions - included several contender variations before the final round was chosen -  Thursday √
First computer trial of pattern - Thursday √
Gold Medal Brim - Thursday √

Second computer pattern Trials - Friday √
Ribbing Trials - Friday

Body Challenge - Saturday
Top Event - Sunday - Monday
Final Pattern Event  - Tuesday

Well that all looks hunky dory.  Lots of leeway in the schedule for uncooperative weather or loose shoelaces or the knitting equivalent.
Think I am in Egypt instead of Vancouver (well really just south of Ithaca, NY)?  As long as I keep staying up until midnight and working on these instead of doing much of anything else it should happen as planned.  "Really." (as Helen would say).

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