Sunday, February 28, 2010


My medal news coming up after the Closing Ceremonies (probably tomorrow).
Now to go watch the Canadian/USA Hockey game.

edited at 6:31pm EST
That was probably THE BEST hockey game I have ever had the privilege to watch.
Granted it was fielded with the best NHL players so more like an All Star Game but still.
There was Team USA undefeated going into this game while Team Canada had already been defeated once by Team USA.

Several of the players went to Cornell and one, Dustin Brown, went to the Boynton Middle School while I was teaching there. Yes, Ithaca is hockey crazy.  Jim thinks he was one of my students but it is hard to remember so many years ago with 120 students to teach each day.  I had several every year that were sleepy after their 4 or 5 am hockey practices during the season.

I knit not one stitch the entire 3 play periods, although I did knit during the breaks. The action was so steady and exciting I sat close to the screen cheering.   Happily my goal was to have both my challenges done before the game and I rose to that ambition.  My hockey knitting was a Leafy Hat designed by Ruth Stewart, wife of one of the Canadian bobsled people so I thought it appropriate. 

Pulling the USA goalie over a minute before the end of the game was a brilliant but dangerous strategy that worked, tying the game at 2:2.  So exciting!  Instead of a 10 minute overtime sudden death period with the full team it was a 20 minute sudden death period with only 4 on 4 plus the goalies.  A much harder game to play and way more dependent on the goalie keeping out the puck with next to no back up.  At that point I didn't care who won as both teams were so fantastic. Yes, I hoped for Team USA but it went to Canada in less than 10 minutes.

The USA team looked so sad at the medal ceremony.  There they were getting beautiful silver medals and not enjoying that distinction at all.  Hopefully later on they will see a better view of themselves.
What a great close to the events.  Soon the Closing Ceremonies and a great end to a great event.


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