Sunday, January 31, 2010

Full Moon Socks

Some of you have seen the toe-up socks Cathy C designed.  A dk version are on my feet AND are featured in both Fondle This! and Finger Knittin' Good.

Well, Cathy decided to run a free/donation class teaching these neat 2 circ sportweight socks to anyone who would come to her home.  The deal was that the class is free but students must agree to give a donation to the ASPCA or the local Food Net for an amount they felt the class might be worth.  Great idea!

Since Cathy lives about an hour away in a heavy snow area I wasn't sure I could make it until the day dawned sunny but really cold.  My car is toasty and intrepid.  I grabbed a coffee from the Bakery and headed on out.  What a pretty drive over rolling hills with glimpses of icy falls still rushing with water from the recent thaw.

We were taught about measuring our feet (length and circumference) and making sure our gauge and size would work once the sock was done.   Did I say there were lots of snacks?   And tea?  We each received some stitch markers, a small notebook, measuring tools, an accessories pouch, yarn, the pattern and a knitting bag. A total delightful surprise.

We were also taught Judy's Magic Cast On which really is simple and does work like magic.  The class was small as promised, and very congenial with knitters at all levels.  Cathy is such a patient teacher.

Then we started our toe up socks.    Our homework for next week is to complete the sock up to the gusset.  I just heard from one fellow student that she was so enthused she has already done that with her sock so will purchase 2 more circs tomorrow to get her second sock to the same place.  Knitting is such a kick.  Always something new to learn and play with.

I am making Jim a pair from some yak/merino/black & blue face leicester he spun special for these socks.  This morning I traced his foot on a piece of paper so his measurements can be kept instead of every time guessing or asking him to measure his feet again.

  The time went by so fast I was amazed when we noticed the clock said almost 5.  It was still light out!  Wanting to have at least half the drive home in some light, I left soon after and was rewarded by this sunset view out my dirty (sun melted ice) windows.  Sun is so rare and celebrated in the winter around here.

It was full dark by the time I got home .  Jim was at a CU basketball game (Cornell beat Harvard) so the house was dark.  Before turning on the lights this is what greeted me through the dining room window.

Ain't life grand?  Such a wonderful day. 

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