Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eating My Words

Two weeks ago, at Knit Knite, a newcomer joined us.   A lovely woman who knows how to crochet but decided to start knitting.  She pulled out a set of metal dpns and some worsted weight yarn and proceeded to tell us her first project was going to be socks.  She said she had been to a LYS and this is what they recommended.  I gasped.   I thought, "Right, only if you want her to fail."

My mouth fell open, as did several others.  However Ruth pitched right in, moved over to sit next to her and showed her how to work with dpns.   Then this new knitter said she wanted to start the socks with ribbing as well.  I couldn't believe she would succeed.  If she wanted to work in the round, why not start on a hat instead of something as unwieldy as using 4 long metal dpns?  However she insisted and persisted.  Ruth helped often and patiently, but needed to go home early leaving this newbie on her own with a very tightly knit octopus-like project in her hands.

PerfectlyHooked came to Roc Day with her sock in progress.  She was helped by other knitters while she was there but I was too busy to see her progress.  I was glad she came and glad she was still knitting.  I am not sure I would have been.  And certainly I remember my first foray into sock knitting which was on metal dpns that fell out of the stitches at every opportunity, bouncing across the floor.  I abandoned sock knitting for several years after that until I discovered bamboo needles and how they are a bit more sticky than metal ones.   To this day, I don't like to knit with metal, preferring wood, Bryspuns and the new Knit Pick Acrylics over them.

Last Wednesday evening, there was PerfectlyHooked again with a big smile on her face, showing us her very first completed sock. !!!  Granted this is a small sock but still, it is whole and complete.  She was also starting a new pair, considering the first one her practice sock and not needing a mate.

I had to tell her what I thought last week and how impressed I am with her stamina and stick-to-it-ness.  She is fun to have at our Knitting table and will be a great asset to our group.

In penance and to take responsibility for my words I happily made her first sock into an award pin for her to wear.

Many of us were learning new techniques or challenging ourselves.

Ruth was working on her Knit Picks clock tam.

Anne, who is a true thrower knitter, decided she wanted to learn Continental knitting instead.

Carole was doing her first knitted beading project with the crochet add on method.

Pascale was impressing us with her fancy crochet.

And another new knitter joined us. This person is taking it slow and following the projects recommended in the Stitch 'n Bitch Book, which means starting with a thin scarf.

Stella, our youngest member is really coming along on her skills and scarf.

And we don't limit ourselves to knitting and crocheting either as shown by Carole spinning Viburnum on her Turkish Spindle.

And just in case you might think we are all seriousness.
Strangey and T found other uses for some Mojave merino.

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Benita said...

You have to hand it to someone who learns how to knit by knitting a sock. She is one determined lady! And look where it got her. It's a lesson for all of us.