Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yes, it really is winter.

One day in December, instead of being nasty, chilly and grey it became cold, bitter, white and grey and has remained so for several weeks, with a day or so of above freezing thrown in just to fool us.

This is winter as I remember it, before global warming.  About an inch of snow each day and grey grey skies.  Sometimes it snows more, a lot more.  Sometimes we only get a dusting but the sun is hidden most of the time.  Our pellet stove keeps us nice and toasty.  We thought 5 tons would do us very well as we used only 4 last year, but it looks like we may need another ton before spring arrives in late April or May.

We are mostly staying indoors with Baz and the kitten.  However the bunnies are just reveling in this weather, doing binkies and basking in the snow flurries.

I placed their hay bale as an additional windblock on their palace and tunnel.  They like to play hide and seek games around it.


Benita said...

I love watching bunnies play in the snow, and we have lots of wild ones here to watch. And, I'll bet the cold weather makes yours grow lots of fur for the plucking/shearing!

That toasted marshmallow looking one in the last photo is pretty!!!


And I thought it was cold here. Ha! Love seeing your bunnies and glad they are enjoying themselves.

fleegle said...

Those look like fuzzy marshmallows! What's a binkie?