Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spanky and his gang

You may recall that a few months ago we adopted a tiger kitten from Bob at Winderwood Farm.
At that time his name kept eluding us but we called him Tomtee to be able to say something other than 'hey you' and 'kitten'.  However, as days and weeks went by, Tomtee did not answer to that name nor any other we could think of.  He really did not care if he had a name or not.

 One day about 3 weeks ago I heard something from him. I said, "Junior?" and heard something else.  "Sparky?"  No, then I got a picture of a group of kids that used to be on TV that my father enjoyed. It was called "Our Gang".  I told Jim and he said, "Spanky?"  The kitten immediately responded, came over and was quite happy.

And he has his very own gang too.

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That is so very cute!

Reminds me of Crazy Aunt Purl and "Roy", after Sigfreid and Roy.

My kitties and doggies all answer to their names, although my friend Nancy NeverSwept says that it only takes one bowl of popcorn and a half hour to change a dog's name!