Friday, July 27, 2012

Ravellenics Ready

Some of us are meeting tonight at the Ithaca Panera's to enjoy our GREAT CAST-ON together.
We are exercising enormous restraint by not casting on yesterday or the day before or last week.  Well maybe not last week as some of us were still spinning the yarn for this Challenge.

I told myself that the skirt needed to be done before 4pm today.  Alas that is a big joke on myself.  I compartmentalize so well.  I thought that once Troy was over and Tour de Fleece was over I could just sit and knit.  Right.
I neglected to factor in getting ready for Troy, unpacking from Troy, not being able to bring the skirt to Troy, getting 2 knitting submissions ready and in before today's deadline, ummm and doing errands like getting the beads for Fondle This!, getting those packages ready, returning a shower shade that was too narrow and too short, getting more ink for the printer so the Fondle This! patterns can actually be read...... Visiting friends at the Annual Ithaca Artist's Market this afternoon.   Oh my - Actually listing these things gets me all sweaty.

The skirt is about 75% done though.  Need to rewrite the last section and then knit it.  Doesn't sound like much except that as of 5pm I will be madly knitting socks.  

OK so the challenge is now going to be getting that pair of socks completed AND the skirt.  Deadlines on both.  I am good with deadlines.  Don't need all that sleep anyway, well at least for a week or so.

Last night while working on a part of the skirt that felt like a black hole, I played Words With a couple of Friends to take breaks, balled up the MVOS yarn, took out the Bare Bones Pattern,
and then made the teeniest swatch ever.  Can you see it there on the right?  I tried US 1.5 first but the fabric was loose, then US1 and finally US0.  Guess that yarn is fingering weight after all.

Upon typing all this I have come to a big aha.  No wonder that black hole took so long.  I'm actually amazed it got done at all with all those breaks (however practical) thrown in.

Go Ravellenics Team Spinning Bunny.

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