Friday, July 20, 2012

Days 19 -21 Tour de Fleece winding down.

I neglected to bore you with more pics of more bobbins of MVOS.  They all begin to look alike after a while anyway.

2 more ounces of MVOS have been spun, plied, rinsed and dried, bringing the grand total of yardage to 295 which is going to be enough.  I will it so.  This will be toe up socks so the cuffs will be as long as the yardage allows. And the last 2 oz are a bit more brown than the first 4.  They will start the toes and feet but I am holding myself back from balling this up.  I know my startitis.  I know how I rationalize.  If these skeins were in balls it would be beyond hard not to just start one wee little toe.  And that is not allowed until Friday at 4pm EDT as that is the official start of the Ravellenics Games.
Meanwhile we had another wonderful sunrise resulting in a cooler day and actual rain last night.  Soft rain, fairly steady and slow enough that the parched ground could absorb it.

Today is a delightful cloudy day in the 60's.  What a relief from all that relentless sunshine and over the top heat and humidity. 

I have spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks in Panera's almost cold AC working on the skirt for Knitters as it is in DK and worsted weight wool.  Well, it's for the Winter issue and not meant for 95 degrees.  I'm not meant for 95 degrees and 95% humidity either so together with plenty of iced tea and a great respectful atmosphere the skirt is now one third done.  It's not just a matter of knitting up a sample.  They sent me a different weight yarn than I had proposed and a different amount of colors.  So part of the time I am adjusting the pattern to accommodate these changes.  Wish I could show it to you but that's a big no no.

Instead of starting another spinning project for the few remaining Tour de Fleece days I am stopping at the completion of my original challenge.  I know, you are wondering what's wrong with me?  I had an epiphany or maybe it was really an adult thought (need to think on that)---- that the skirt is due by August 24 which does seem rather far away BUT I am going to knit socks for my Ravellenic Challenge (I am in the Sock Put event) and I have yet to knit a pair of socks in 2 weeks so that will be enough of a challenge without the pressure of getting the skirt just right at the same time.
There is now a whole week before I need start those tempting socks and in that week I am going to dedicate my knitting time to the skirt.  

sigh.... There are so many neat projects calling to me (hat for DIL, sweater for DIL, new shawl design to name just 3) but I will hold firm.

T even said she would hold that skein of Sea Glass hostage so I didn't start anything with it just yet.

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