Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Catch up Days 9 - 18

Hard to believe this challenge is almost over.  The last week just seemed to fly right by me.  Great race with a wonderful Team to spur us on.

Got the 4 oz of MVOS in Woody all plied up and measured.  Alas it is only 228 yards.  Methinks all that tight twisting shortens the yardage.  sigh..... but also strengthens the yarn. :^)

So this week will be spinning up another 2 oz so that I can start the socks (my Ravellenic project) with enough confidence that there will be enough yarn to complete them.

At guild on Saturday, Ruth brought her Sea Glass which was plied as a 3 ply as is mine but hers was done the regular way while mine was done fractally.  You can see the differences.  Mine, on the right, is pretty but more muted.  Hers has clearer colors.
I'm thinking of spinning some Tropical Sea bfl/silk and plying it with Forest Lake bbfl to go with the fractally spun Sea Glass (the bbfl will mute the Tropical Sea a bit) and then knitting up my Santa Clara Shawl with US 10's and the sportweight Sea Glass as edging.  Might not even need beads as it has some holographic thread sparkling through it.

Uh oh, I loaned it to T (and can't find her blog URL - arghhhh) for next month's guild program on avoiding mud.  
yooo hooo T........ can I get it back and then loan you the knitted parts for the meeting?

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Anonymous said...

Yoohoo, no problem! If you're somewhere near work or my house in the near future, just let me know. I can leave it in the mailbox at the very least if I can't be around.