Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4 or Day 5???

Already I am far behind.  sigh.....................
 Managed to get 3 days worth of spinning accomplished, then reality set in.

Also played a bit in Picasa.  I can see it will need more than a few minutes to get it up to the quality I want.  hmmmmnnnn Wonder if I can just do that in Photoshop and save myself a bunch of time?

Sat = 1  
got 1.5 oz of Sea Glass spun at ~40+wpi.

Sun = 2
Tried to do the same but Jim's prototype wheel has bearings made in the USA in it.  We thought getting US made bearings was a good thing and they are also $7 less expensive than the ones made in Taiwan but, alas, they do not last and they make noise almost right away.  There are up to 10 bearings in each wheel so saving $7 per was an excellent plan until Jim had to go buy replacements.

So on Sunday I got about 0.5 oz of MVOS spun up.
I thought spinning Woody at 40+ would be really difficult but it isn't.
Jim says it just takes longer, not harder.

Mon = 3
Spun up the other 1 oz of MVOS (smaller amt of the 3 shown).

Tues = 4
Alas no spinning was accomplished as I did other necessary things like work and feeling hot.

Wed = 5 
Spent most of today in front of a fan reknitting, reswatching and reconfiguring the garment I will be making for Knitters K105 Winter issue.
I sent them samples in sportweight yarn calling for 3 colors.
They sent me a bag of DK and worsted weight yarn in 4 colors.
The samples are now blocking.  Tomorrow I will send them pics and go from there.

OK I can redeem myself tonight at Knit Knite by bringing my wheel and getting at least one and maybe 2 days worth of spinning done.  

I can also trade a day of rest for Tuesday and then not feel so bad.

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Heather said...

I agree, switch it out and enjoy yourself :)