Sunday, July 8, 2012

Days 6-8

Despite the record breaking heat and humidity us intrepid spinners continue to crank out the yards and meters in many colors, fibers and styles on spindles and wheels.

Day 6, 7 & 8 were back on the Hilltopper.

Day 8 started out with this incredible sunrise

                         but quickly moved into impressive clouds which had me wondering at how they were folding into each other.

and turned into a classic Thunderstorm of wind, rain and hail quieting down within 15 minutes to a half hour of steady rain.
The storm lowered the temps into the 80's and for some delightful reason they are still in the 80's.  No complaints from this spinner.

All the fractal parts are now completed.  Next is to decide just what to ply the Sea Glass with for strength.  I will be using thread but which thread remains a question.
Black rayon?  That was my original thought but nah...

Pale teal silk is a good idea

Sulky mixed nylon/poly/metallica is a great color but the poly may cut the fiber. 
                 hmmmnnn but I do like the sparkliness and am very easily amused by sparkles.

Darker teal silk----- too dark I think

Holographic thread looks fab too.  Jim likes that one best.


Jen said...

That spin looks wonderful!

BipolarBunny said...

Bunnies for Barack!!
I've started a new blog,
I hope you will visit. Maybe you'll feel like sharing a picture.