Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 is done, sigh

To recap my Tour yardage
from the top going clockwise.
120 yards of 2 ply: cashmere, fingering/sport weight
2 skeins, 192 + 466 yards of 3 ply: angora/merino plied with merino/silk and thread, 
fingering/sport weight 
144 yards of 2 ply: merino, silk, mohair, wool, soy silk and firestar, lt bulky
44 yards of 3 ply: merino  /bfl/thread, bulky weight.

By the next to the last day, Saturday, I still had not finished what I set out to do, which was to complete the spinning and plying of the fulled angora/merino.  This meant, alas, spinning more merino/silk.  Instead of knitting a swatch sample for a pattern being submitted to a popular knitting magazine ( I cannot say more or I will have to eliminate me or you) I spun spun spun all the merino silk I had in my possession, thinking it would be more than enough to pair with the angora/merino.

On Sunday I began the plying process.  I don't know about you but I find that so boring.  I listen to books, talk to anyone, including the dog and cat, but by 9 that evening I was nodding off at the wheel.  Not as serious as nodding off at the wheel on a road but........

So I had a little discussion with myself.  How bad do I want a virtual yellow t-shirt?  How bad do I want to be able to say I completed my challenge?  Would I feel like a failure if I didn't?

I don't like to fink out.  I take my promises seriously.  And that includes promises to myself.  However I was kind (realistic?) and let myself off the hook, got myself ready for bed, ablutions, vitamins, jammies, etc.   By then I was more awake so I sat behind the wheel again.

At 11:17 pm the last of the merino/silk was plied with thread and the angora/merino.  There is more ang/mer on the bobbin but since there is no more mer/silk to be had close by I made an executive decision.   
Fini!  Done!  Complet!

 189 x 2 yards on the skeinwinder for a grand total of 1036 yards of the pinky/ purple stuff.  I think that's plenty to make a vest with, especially since I want to use white for the edging.  White for the edging?  Are you nuts?  Maybe.  We shall see.

But here is the real prize.
I now get to spin bfl/silk in the colorway Tour de Fleece 2010, 
dyed special for 2010 Team Spinning Bunny members.


Rose said...

What beautiful yarn! and that BFL is so yummy, I can't wait to get my fingers in it!

Kim said...

Your spinning is lovely. Great accomplishment!