Friday, July 9, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 Day 7 Dilemma

I am struggling with the fulled angora/merino (it must have been bouncing around in the basket for years) learning patience and process in the process.   Each small section must be thoroughly pulled apart to get something to work with.  What with the pulling of the fulling sometimes it drafts easily and sometimes it drafts real hard.  This does not make for even even singles. 

 No matter, the colors are pretty and I am enjoying them very much.  I think I want to make this into a shawl so will not ply it on itself or I might get worsted yarn.

Therefore I want to ply it with a thinnish single but not thread.  Can't make my mind up between white merino/silk (too sweet?), black baby llama or silver baby llama. The merino/silk will add some shine and elasticity but the black may make a better contrast and the grey may just be too neutral. (I've also got some black alpaca/silk which reads as charcoal grey.)   hmmmnnnn
Think I'll take them all to guild and get some opinions.

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