Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea Shell Socks

In 2009 I designed and dyed the yarn especially for some lacey summer socks for Sock Hop .

This year I have been submitting patterns to Knit Picks. So far 4 have been chosen for publication -
#2 was the Linear Shawl
 and today pattern #3, Sea Shell Socks was put up on their site.

Once the yarn is decided upon they send it to me,  I knit the sample(s), then send it/them along with the completed updated pattern and contract back to Knit Picks.  I also submit photos.

  If the pics pass inspection, as they did for Sea Shell Sox, my pattern goes up fairly quickly but if not, then I have to wait for them to do a professional shoot as happened with the Linear Shawl.

In either case, they do a great job.  
You get a choice of downloading just the pattern (at $1.99 it's a fantastic deal) or of making up your own yarn kit from their yarn.
Their yarns are well made, of excellent quality and a pleasure to knit with.

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