Friday, July 2, 2010

A good time was had by all.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open House last weekend.  
Folks came from Utica, Rochester and New Jersey to join us for some fiber fun time.

I enjoyed you all individually and in concert.   I love showing you the dye room, the Supercarder, the buns and playing with you in the little one skein dyepots as well as under the tents. Your enthusiasm is contagious. It sprinkled now and then but the tents kept us dry and the breeze kept us cool.

We entertained men, dogs, women, children, ants at the picnic with music, lots of snacks and drinks.

center right in black & jeans is 11 yr old granddaughter Amelia learning to spindle spin, Shira on the right spinning on her mom Sarah's, Baynes.

l->r:  Shira, Sharon, Sarah, Kristin, Ruth, Basel dog, Brendan, Jim, Pierre dog, Malinda & Charles

The dyeing workshop was a ball.  Everyone really listened and as a result, took home unique skeins of beautifully colored yarn.

and below -  Sarah, who came all the way from New Jersey, played around in Photoshop to give us this panorama.

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