Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 Days 8 & 10

Day 8

I brought the samples of the white, grey, charcoal and black fiber to guild and asked other members to give me their opinions on which to use with the dyed angora/merino.  White was unanimously chosen as the best of the 4 choices.  It was my preferred color too so I was happy to start spinning some right away.  I was so psyched I spun up 2 ounces of 30 wpi singles in no time.  Notice how uneven the hand dyed singles are because of the fulling.

Meanwhile I am obsessing over my sudden interest in pinkish colors.  Am I going sweet?  Don't really think so but I have been choosing Butterfly Bush and then am in love with this Amelia's Choice too. hmmmnnnn.  Maybe it's my summer version of purple?  And then I am putting white with it.  I could understand black, but the colors are not clear enough to contrast well with black.  However in general black would have been my choice only a few weeks back.  Maybe the dragonflies that have been flying around are right and I am doing some changing.

Cathy brought the electrical tape as promised.  There are 5 or more spinners in guild spinning for Tour de Fleece but only 3 of us on Team Spinning Bunny as the other 2 don't want to formalize their participation.  We waited for Ruth but she got so involved demo-ing at the Scottish Games she didn't leave them until after guild was over. 
Finally we put on our racing stripes and took this Team picture.

Day 10

I am just in love with how this yarn is coming out.  It is a 3 ply at about sport/DK weight - one of the hand dyed previously fulled angora/merino, one of white merino/silk and one of a tonal thread. Notice how much more even the plied yarn looks now. 

I will be plying this for a few days, methinks and then resuming the tedious process of spinning the angora/merino again.  However I am so enthused with the results which should get me through the drafting and spinning of the last 2 ounces.

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