Sunday, July 18, 2010

no comments

As much fun as this sometimes is to do, it is also work added to my load - thinking of topics, taking pictures, choosing pictures, putting them through Photoshop, thinking of what to say, editing the writing, etc......  

 In the last 2 weeks I have received a total of 1 comment.  In the past 3 months there might be a total of 5.  Most of the comments are signed in as anonymous so that I cannot even reply.

Without feedback, this becomes writing into the wind, pretty, but is it really necessary?


kristin said...

I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you continue to post about your adventures.
Kristin C

Heathwitch said...

I always read, but often do not get time to post a comment due to other commitments etc -- or I'm reading on the move, and think that I will post a comment when I'm next in front of my desktop machine, only to promptly forget when I'm at my desk. Apologies. Mea culpa.

I do hope the blog continues. I really do enjoy it. And I will try and comment more often (though I do have the same problem as you over on my two blogs too ... *sighs*).

Good luck.

Rose said...

I love your blog too, and read it all the time. But I also have a blog, and have the same problem. No comments so therefore is it just writing for writing's sake? I look at it as a challenge and just ignore the lack of comments.

I'll start commenting though, I always have something to say, just generally I keep my mouth shut!

Susan said...

I know what you mean. I write on two blogs and sometimes when I think I have been terribly clever...not a word.
I spend half an hour or more on a post and it is nice to have it acknowledged. Hang in there. I will still stop by.

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Thank you for responding and so quickly too. I was about to give it all up.

Now I have more incentive. Namaste

Lisa R. said...

Nice to meet you today at the shop! Hope to be spin, spin, spinning soon. Lisa R.

Kim said...

Oh, please forgive this bad blog-reader. I do read all of your posts but have been trying to catch up with blog reading and spinning, commenting has suffered.

Love your posts and your fibery goodness. I am in awe of your Tour de fleece production and have fallen off pace with my spinning.