Monday, May 25, 2009


I just love how wisteria flowers look hanging so majestically off balconies, sides of homes and on trellises.  I first noticed them many years ago while driving the back way over the hill to Danby and was floored by the glorious blooms hanging from trees in a woods to the side of the road.  After several passes I realized the plants must have come from a dwelling that no longer existed.  Sure enough there are old foundations in those woods.

Of course once our deck was built I wanted one of my own.  Agway had them so one was purchased, brought home and dutifully planted so the vine could climb up the deck support and grace the railing.  It grew nicely that first year, the second too but with no flowers.  I figured it was getting itself established.   After the third year without flowers I told the plant I was disappointed in it and cut it back a bit.   After the fourth year with no blooms I told the plant it had one more year to bloom or "Off with its head".  Year 5 came and we saw maybe 5 or 6 clusters of blossoms.  That was nice and acceptable enough so that I just pruned it in the fall.

And this year

Can you smell them?