Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This afternoon we went for a late lunch at Carol Peck's Good News Cafe.   This unusual restaurant had free range chicken long before anyone else thought it was a good idea.  They have increased the fare to organic fish and other free range meats plus organic or clean veggies.
There is always a great display of original artwork on the brightly colored walls and smaller works in a cabinet along with old time radios and TV's sitting high up on shelves above the diners.

We got there a few minutes early and were seated on time.  While we were sitting down at least 3 people came over to add napkins, fill the water glasses and ask for drink orders.   These came in relatively short order considering every table in and out of the place was more than filled. Our 4 top was a 5 today.  The 6 tops were 7's.  Moms, kids, grandmoms, fathers and grandfathers all over the place.  Waitstaff, bussers, runners all moving at top speed.  The kitchen must have been something else to behold.   

We ate and ate and ate, but slowly as there was at least a half hour wait between courses.  We started with fried onion strings, flat pepper bread and big slices of peasant bread with olive oil, then a while later lobster bisque and paté with a yummy salad. Quite a while later we were served adult mac and cheese (with lobster and many cheeses); shrimp with baby green beans, peas, fingerling potatoes in aioli sauce; fresh tuna steak on risotto and free range chicken with veggies.

l->r Nancy, Rae, Barbara, Mom and me

Maybe because the kitchen was so slow we might have digested a bunch during the between waits, but at any rate we actually ordered and ate dessert along with coffee and tea --   Tahitian vanilla cake, coconut cake, plum tart with caramel sauce and, I just could not resist --- Blueberry Pavlova.   This Pavlova was good but nowhere near as good as the recipe sent out in April for High Fiber Desserts.  All in all we were there from 2 - 4:40.  No dinner for us tonight.

Here's Mom in her new sweater.

I'm gonna go lie down and finish digesting a week's worth of food.

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