Friday, May 15, 2009


I believe I have an innate affinity to water. Have I told you that before?  As evidence you may have noticed the plethora of water pictures this past week.

More evidence:
1-  I grew up in Brooklyn about a block from Mill Basin Bay and 
2-  spent many summer hours soaking up the rays on Brighton Beach.  
3- When I went to camp I loved swimming and canoeing. 
4- The cottage we go to in the Adirondacks is on 5th Lake.  
5- Our home is on land that contains a pond plus 
6- We live only 12 miles from Cayuga Lake.

I think my sister may have the same affinity.  
1- She grew up in Brooklyn about a block from Mill Basin Bay and 
2-  spent many summer hours soaking up the rays on Brighton Beach.
3-  She attended URI and after graduating stayed in Rhode Island, usually living near or on the coast.  
4-  Her house in Jamestown was a short walk from the bay and 
5-  Her home in Portsmouth backed onto the Sakonnet River.  
6-  Now, in Newport, she is only a few minutes from the wharf or the beach. 
7-  And she has a lovely koi pond in her side yarn.

Yesterday I took a drive the length of Aquidneck Island, then over a bridge (there are a lot of them around here)
to the mainland and drove down the east side of the Sakonnet River to Tiverton.  I was looking for Sakonnet Purls.  Yup, a yarn shop, but I had a few things in mind to look for.  Plus they were having a 20% off Sale.  How could I not go?  It was rather rainy so a good day for a LYS visit. I have lots of supplies of all kinds of my own and in my shop but had a few special things to look for.

  This shop has many many rooms, each one filled with a different type or weight of yarn.   I asked for the Blue Sky Alpacas Chicken pattern.   The woman looked at me oddly and then said they did not carry Blue Sky Alpaca, neither yarn nor patterns.  I asked for a Philosopher's Wool Kit (They are pricey kits so I was looking forward to the 20% off).  Neither woman had ever heard of Philosopher's Wool.   Two strikes.   Major darn as with that discount I really wanted to buy something.  Finally I found some Regia Stopper für Socken and got 2 sets to put on the bottom of slipper socks. They look like paws.  The drive was nice, but the middle results were disappointing.

For a guaranteed better experience, last night we decided to go to Flo's Clam Shack for dinner.  This place has been right there on the beach since 1936.  We ordered clam chowda, clam strips, clam cakes (which are really frittas) and Lobsta roll, paid, then was handed rock #100.  We went into the front room to find a table, wait for the food and look at the view.
 The plates came quickly, were huge and the food delicious.   Lobsta roll is traditionally chunks of lobster in mayo with a lettuce leaf lying in a white bread hot dog roll.   This one had the mayo on the side. Purer and much much better.

It's May on the North Atlantic coast.  This is as close to a bathing suit we are going to get for quite some time.

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