Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flopsy Mopsy Topsy Turvy

Char came over this morning to show me how to pluck the buns.
First she demonstrated how to hold Keeper firmly but not too tight and then flip the little girl between her knees. BTW I was so excited that I forgot to get pics of Gumdrop doing the same.

Seems this between the legs thing has a reassuring feeling to a bunny who naturally does not lie on her back.

Then we proceeded to literally pluck out the loose wool in small pinches.  
Those are Keeper's wooly rear legs.

This is the result of about 20 minutes worth of plucking (all that Keeper would allow today).

And here they are all fluffed and back to munching. 



They are both so lovely!

BTW, please expect package tomorrow.

rebecca77 said...

Great post - I have tossed up whether to get some bunnies or not and have decided to wait til we are in our new house and fox proof. I'd love to have a regular source of fibre to blend with all my wool! :). Lovely!

mary said...

Good girl, Keeper! Keep up the good fiber work. You'll have plenty of angora in no time at this rate, Susan.