Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it enough?

I am going to be gone for 10 days. 
 2.5 of them driving many many hours from here

to CT (~4.5 hrs)

Thence to RI (~2.5 hrs) 

and back again (add em up).  

Then we have Mother's Day so the afternoon is an early dinner/late lunch with some of my mother's friends plus a day of Fiber Fairing (5/16) in RI. That leaves about 6 knitting days if I do nothing else.  I am so concerned I will finish my shawl collared vest to the steeking point, then without a sewing machine and the collar yarn not yet spun will not have enough to knit upon.

Shawl collared vest on the left and some spindling for socks on the right.

Then for back up I have cotton for Toiletry Bags that my Service Knitting Group is making for local Women's Shelters.  And the Alice Starmore baby bonnet I have been drooling over for months.  I want to make 2 - one for the Service Knitting stockpile for next winter and one for the Mattaponi Project knitting through Knitters for Obama on Ravelry.

So whaddya think?   Will these projects hold me?

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