Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leveled Up

The last 2 weeks have been spent getting ready for 2 events which are both happening this weekend -
the CNY Fiber Festival in Bouckville, NY and my granddaughter's HS graduation in Livermore, CA.  Kinda 2 diffferent directions and moods. So yesterday was pack up the uHaul and get myself ready - pack the suitcase, decide which knitting was coming, decide what went into the carry on, my purse and the suitcase.  Oh and figure out what to bring to wear in 90+ degree temps (its in the high 60's, low 70's here).

In the midst of all this I needed to update a page on the Spinning Bunny website.  Only all of a sudden I was refused by my website carrier.  I checked the permissions and somehow they were no longer correct.

 OK - call earthlink and see what happened.  After waiting for a techie (had several last minute items to do in the shop anyway) I was told what should be on my ftp server page and before I could even try it my internet connection disappeared while I was online with the long awaited for techie.  Sheesh.  I had to hang up to reconnect which means shutting down my Mifi unit and reconnecting.  Once this seemed stable I tried to put up the page again but nothing changed online.  sigh

OK so I called earthlink, waited and got techie #2.  He tested from his end and all seemed OK but not from my end.  Then my internet connection failed again.  Again I had to apologize and hang up as I could not test what he wanted me to test.

I thought about this for while.  Actually the mifi was working just fine but my computer kept saying it could not connect with the mifi.  Odd.  Actually very odd and the more I thought about it the more I realized that whenever I was on the phone for more than a minute airport said no connection.  This happened several times Tuesday night while I was making calls into WI.  hmmmnnn  

Q: What's common?
A:The ancient cordless I have in the shop.

So I got my cell out and made call #3 to earthlink.  This time the connection did not fail.  HURRAY!!!
This time the techie said it was all working from her end but that she could see that the page I was sending up today was going outside the root folder up there in the ether.  Odd.  Eventually she asked to try this page -   They are a 3rd party ftp engine.  At first nothing worked but after a few tries the page actually appeared online.  WOW!  Meanwhile she said she'd put in a ticket for a more advanced look at my problem but until they figured it out I could use this free service.  Thank you thank you.

So I tried this on my own with hit or miss results.  Not acceptable.  By now 2+ hours had gone by and I was beginning to get agita.  Jim came by to start the Uhaul packing.  He does the first part by himself which is screwing uprights into the wooden bars inside the trailer.  We put our shelves onto these and the fibers onto the shelves with the bins inbetween.  Then all is bungee corded to keep them from shifting.    Once this is done the yarn triangle, tables, shelf stands, and other assorted needed items are loaded.

I went back to trying to fix my problem but had had some time to think.  I went online to earthlink's manage site pages.  Hmmmmnnnn outside the root folder along with the other stuff was a folder called fibers.  OK I have a folder called fibers in Dreamweaver which houses all my fiber pages.  This is called a directory for anyone interested.   I opened the outside fibers folder and found only 3 pages - 2 from over a year ago and one from just a few minutes before. hmmmmnnnn

Inside the root folder was another folder called fibers. So now I thought maybe the electrons were getting confused. I tried a test: root folder should say - /public but I had it say /public/fibers and put a page successfuly.  I tried this again with another page and it worked again.  Aha- no more hit or miss.

Now I got brave.  I highlighted that outside fibers folder, held my breath and DELETED it.  Yup! Now gone.  But really it shouldn't have ever been there in the wrong place.  Then I tested without the /public and it worked!!!!!  HIGH FIVE!!!!!

I am damn proud of myself  Well that was yesterday.


Well so the kudos were shortlived.  I am too clever for my own good.  Rechecking I accidentally deleted ALL the fiber files.  The only backup is on my computer at home.
  I just undid the entire fibers folder.    And on this computer I do not have access to my current Dreamweaver files.  Major major major cursing going on.

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