Sunday, June 24, 2012


OK -  I am now declaring my Tour de Fleece Challenge for all and sundry.

I will spin a 3 ply sock yarn from 2 fibers using a worsted (tighter) spinning method rather than soft as I normally do - the New MVOS otherwise know as myveryownsister as she wears these colors a lot (MVOS is still not on the website, but will be very soon) and this month's Fondle This! color - Sea Glass.
MVOS is in Woody top and Sea Glass is in superwash blue face leicester.
Very different spins, going to be very different yarn, albeit both into socks (which is a discussion for another day when we have another name for that period of time in July that shall no longer be named Ravelympics).

My intentions are thus:
Separate MVOS into 3 long strands, trying very hard to make them equivalent.  The spin each strand and ply together getting mostly same color to same color.  This will eventually become socks for MVOS.  I hope they will not look like mud.

The Sea Glass will be separated into colors, then each color will be divided into three parts.  This method should make for very long color changes.  Haven't done this before so it will be interesting. Since it is also a very soft fiber I may include thread as a 4th ply.

I also have not spun for a 3 ply fingering yarn ever before. Tour de Fleece is all about stretching one's self and one's skills for me. (For others it could be finishing up some UFO's or spinning many different fibers or cleaning up some stash.)  Going to need to be spinning something akin to frog hair, well, maybe chipmunk hair, but you get the drift.  Certainly thinner than the thinnest line on my wpi gauge which 'only' goes to 40.   The only is funny since 40 is thinner than most single plies need ever be.

It's very hard not to get started early.  Saturday is when the race begins so Saturday is our start too.  I am going to check and see if separating the fiber beforehand is allowed.  At least then I would be working somewhat on the project.  I have severe fiber and knitting ADD.  It is so difficult to maintain interest in a project once I find another one I want to do so with this type of challenge that has a definite starting and ending date, I am trying to maintain enthusiasm and NOT start something else meanwhile just to fill some space.

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