Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That's ME!!!!!

 A couple days ago I received an email from the Yarn Harlot. I have corresponded with her before for various knitterly and spinnerly things but this was completely different.

Stephanie and her family are training for the Toronto People with Aids foundation 14th Annual Friends for Life Bike Rally from Toronto to Montreal.  She reports on her training fairly regularly and periodically asks us to help one or more of them with a donation as they each have monetary goals to meet.   She has also received donations from various companies and people to give out as prizes to the donors.  Each Monday a few people are randomly chosen and win something.

Last week I donated to Erin and Ken and planned to donate again as this is a worthwhile cause with folks who are really putting themselves out for it.

When to my surprise this appeared in my IN box!!!

Hi Susan! 

You've won a $100 gift certificate from Lantern Moon! I've cc'd Stephen from Lantern Moon on this email so that the two of you can work out the details of the very generous gift. I hope the sun shines on both of you today. 

thank you very much, 


I jumped up and down for a while then went to the Lantern Moon website to pick out my loot.  They have such beautiful items plus all those gorgeous needles.  Needles I don't need though as I sell Knit Picks and Dreamz so have my fill of any I might want.  I chose some smaller items, a book and a lovely shawl pin. Then I wrote to Stephen and promptly forgot all about it as I am still waiting for him to answer (and he is at TNNA).  One of these days I will be too.

But then this appeared in my IN box. 

The Yarn Harlot announced that Susan S won $100.00 worth of Lantern Moon stuff, is that you?
Well, I had not gone to her site yet that day and just didn't think about the fact that she always announces things there.

For this week - Susan S and Chery H will each be receiving $100 of their choice of knitting needles and hooks from the generous souls at Lantern Moon.  (Isn't that nice?) 

Yes it most certainly is.   However I asked for those other things before I read this so hope I can trade.

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