Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have been in endless sunshine since last Thursday.  For an easterner, and especially one from Ithaca, endless sunshine is a very unusual phenomena.  Whenever we are outside the plants and houses and streets and trees and cars look all sparkly and bright.  I don't think I have seen a cloud since I have been here.  At home I bring a raincoat in the car, just in case.  Here there doesn't seem to be a need for any other covering than sunscreen.

Friday night was Alicia's graduation from Granada HS.  We got there early enough to save bleacher seats for most of the family and could easily see Alicia down on the field.  The ceremony was just right as it was very windy so once the sun went behind the stadium the temps dropped dramatically to more like Ithaca temps.  I was OK in a light long sleeved shirt but most were in heavy sweaters or blankets. East coast / west coast differences are fun.

Yesterday we spend the day on the water.  Matt likes to pilot his boat on the Delta where he can go fast and the kids and Matt can wakeboard.  Temps were in the high 90's but on the water felt much nicer.
Andrew, 10, is a novice boarder so took a lesson with Matt holding him up.  Next time he will try standing up with the boat moving and the tension holding him.

Alicia is excellent at wakeboarding and looks good too.  Her many years of playing soccer and now Ballroom Dance keep her in shape.

Bryan, now 20 and back from college for a week before starting summer semester courses, used to wakeboard but since his second shoulder fix cannot hang on without tearing the shoulder apart again. He piloted for the boarders.  His tatt is of a bear.  He has been called Bear by all for years so his inner totem is now displayed for all pointing at his heart.  I love his dimples.

Matt attempted jumping the wake waves with some success.  Hopefully the next visit to the Delta will be even more successful.

I even got to pilot the boat for a bit.  Fun day on the water.
Today is my last day here.  Leaving on the red eye tonight so should be home by noon tomorrow.
Once I get settled in the fiber pages on the website will be corrected.

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