Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lily Opus

On May 10th, I talked about the tam and mitts submitted to Knit Picks for their kit program.  So I have good news and some not as good news.

By taking that extra 2 weeks to write and test knit the mitts I missed the unpublished deadline for kits for this fall.  I was very upset but they said they still wanted the set online.  When I asked about submission later they said it would be in the running. OK that's good.  Then within 3 days it was published online as a customizable kit as they liked my photos. Outta sight I say!

Major thanks to Marina who is a super knitwear model in her off hours from archeology digs, knitting and distillery staff.  

are linked to the Tam and the Tam is linked to the mitts so a set is real easy to make and order. Plus for a limited time the yarn is 15% off if the pattern is purchased too.  Way to go Knit Picks!

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