Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Warm Sunshine

After a relatively mild November, December is making sure we know it is Winter now.  Its been snowing for days.  I am feeling light deprived, still taking my daily dose of Vitamin D (as many northeasterners have a Vit D deficiency!!) but suppose I will adjust soon.

A √ on #9 - one of the mystery items found in the yarn room.  
This is the Deathly Hallows hat I showed you yesterday - well my version anyway -  a quick satisfying knit.  The decreases are a bit funky but in mohair who can really tell?  I also added a many faceted black button on top that reflects all the deep rainbow colors. I think I am either in LOVE with this hat or with the yarn.  I know not which and really don't care but do love how it looks on.  Good thing it is now earmarked for my DIL.  
Of course I don't know what her winter coat looks like as I have not visited her in the winter months and have a feeling my son and grands don't remember it either as they have avoided answering that question.  They live way on the other coast in sunny CA so maybe she wears it a couple of weeks in January?  I wouldn't remember what it looked like either if I only saw it that infrequently.  However I know she gets cold easily and also values hand made items.  With the deep rainbow it should go with almost anything.

PS - The Knit Picks needles came in today!!!!

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Heather said...

Love that hat!!!!!!! It's so cute!

I'm spinning yarn right now for one but you totally just made me want to go buy mohair to make into another!

Your posts make me want to go read an Elizabeth Peters novel, maybe I could squint and imagine the snow into sand..