Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two more checks

On our trip down d'Nile we are about to enter the inundated land.  I must say we have been inundated with snow and rain here too.  Well, they probably don't have any snow near the Pyramids but this winter season who can tell.
I only see cattle, no sheeps but there are definitely still camels about.

MVOS's package is wrapped and ready for pick up tomorrow!!


Sneak peeks of the final products.

Well the one below is also wrapped and ready but the pic is from shortly before I did the bind off.

Anyone wishing to see the entire pretty thing and is a ravelry member, go here.

I am hoping that after Xmas I can post a pick of mvos and this item together.

So there are now checks next to #1, #2, #3, most of one for #4 and one for #7.
The toe of one of Jim's socks is started and another 2 inches on the shruggy are completed.

 I now get to watch a netflix episode of Bones as reward.

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