Sunday, December 5, 2010


Nothing like camping out overnight to sleep under the stars. Have mostly done this in the Adirondacks, Alongquin Park in Canada and the Boundary Waters in MN.  However on this virtual cruise we can rest under palms and see the night sky over the pyramids even with snow actually coming down. 
Oh-- and collect camel fluff in the mornings.

Last night I completed knitting the Music Bag for Amelia or, as Jim says, a sock for an elephant.
(That's Joanne modeling.)
Cascade220 Quatro turquoise/brown/teal, Cascade220 Heather brown and Cascade220 solid cream.  I added some stash turquoise Italian mohair to the sections above and below the potential music notes area.  This was such an easy knit with a cool method for the strap. Two Measures of Joy by Elizabeth Mamo.  Great social knitting or for when you are too tired to do much thinking.

This morning our washer played aggressively with the 'elephant sock' resulting in this book stuffed tote.

Another, but secret project, was started this morning for mvos (myveryownsister).  Too bad I can't show it to you until after Xmas.  The yarn was spun in late July and kept in a baggie awaiting the Cruise.

Maybe I can do something to it in Photoshop-hmmmnn.

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