Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We all use some kind of tool everyday in so many ways.  Sometimes a low end one will do the job or an almost right one can do in a pinch but at other times we really really need the right tool.

BTW - Does anyone know what these guys in the print are doing?

For example: a dollar or $5 or $10 bill can be substituted for a ruler or tape measure.  American bills are ~6 inches long (6 1/8 to be exact) by 2.5 inches wide.  So half a bill is 3" and half of that again is 1.5.  Put them all together and you have a rather versatile measuring tool.

This method has come in handy several times since Jim cottoned me to the measurements.

In knitting having more than one needle choice is an excellent plan.  Mostly I do have that from getting cheap inexpensive ones while on a trip and just having to start some new found yarn or project immediately despite the 16 UFO's I brought along.  I have 5 needle holding containers (6 if you count the shop).  One with the clear Knit Picks interchangeable circular set, one with my original Denise circular interchangeables, one with third or fifth level circular needles, one containing only dpns and one with first level circs being mainly Harmonies with some ebony and such thrown in.   So there I was working on mvos' pretty thing and did not have any choice but to use either dpns or a US 4 Bryspun which I think doesn't flow the stitches well until US5 or 6 or some dpns. I looked and looked but somehow missed getting US4 16" circs.  Amazing I know.
  I have lots of dpns in birch and surina and bamboo woods.  As I have said, not having fun on a present is the pits so I put it down and was about to order US 4 16" fixed circs when Jim told me they were already on their way.
Each year Jim gets me some needles from Knit Picks for either my birthday or Xmas.  This year it was fortunately for my birthday which is only a few days away.   When he heard me grousing about the cashmere floating away from me on the surinas he asked if I wanted my present a bit early and handed me the Knit Pics box that had just come in.   What a guy!!!  US 2, 3 & 4  16" circs, 2 of each.   Thank you big time Jim!!

I am now half way through her present, cruising right along using the best tools possible.  I probably could do a commercial for Knit Picks needles but think they already know how wonderful their product is.

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