Monday, December 6, 2010


          While we are inside exploring a tomb we don't notice that is is dark and snowy outside.

I was working diligently on mvos' pretty thing but getting very frustrated with the dpns as the stitches kept falling off the ends and with that particular stitch pattern I was having problems keeping ladders out of the piece.

  I thought, 'I should be enjoying' this so stopped at line 10. However I did have fun in Photoshop disguising it. Now I am patiently awaiting size US4 16" Harmonies to arrive.  Only 1 ladder to worry about and no more stitches falling off.   Then the fun will certainly happen.

Meanwhile I used this as an excuse was compelled to start the Deathly Hallows Hermione hat from the movie.  I saw the hat, the scarf and the mitts but the hat really grabbed me.  Do any of you glom in on the knitted items when watching movies?
Ravelry is so fantastic.  I just searched for 'Hermione Hat' and up it came.  One very nice knitter, Grace Falls, figured it all out after seeing a preview a few months back.  The pattern is free and easy.  I am knitting it from some Stash Filature di Crosa Multicolor mohair.  Hard to see the pattern but a very lightweight neat hat.  BTW the scarf and hat are listed on there too.

The tote for Amelia was dry today.  I took out all the books and tried it on.  UH OH.  The bottom did not lie next to my body but at right angles to it.  OH NO.  What to do? 

 First I thought the pattern was all wrong but upon looking more closely I see where I made an assumption instead of following the directions.  My bad!!!!   Now I will have to cut off its head.  I think if I cut off the top part, above the mohair, and then sew it back on a quarter turn it will be OK. I can take advantage of the opportunity to sew a pocket in too.

So no √s today but some progress - forward, backward and stand still.

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