Monday, November 1, 2010

Not south enough

I wanted to show you the inspiration for the Tamarack & Spruce Colorway.  It took most of the weekend and many almost shots to get any clear enough to keep.  The rain, snow, wet snow, sleet and greyness in the Adirondacks didn't help much but on Sunday there were patches of sun periodically lending not only some great light but hope for a clearing day ahead.
The above pic is on the other side of the 'Lake' from the cottage.  It really is no bigger than a good sized pond but the person who creatively named the lakes in the Fulton Chain - 1st Lake, 2nd Lake, 3rd Lake, etc chose not to name this one 3rd Pond (there's a First and Second Pond before the beginning of this chain) for some unknown reason.
This pic below shows a goodly range of the colors the Tamarack can turn as it sheds its needles.

The colors are about gone in the Adirondacks.  Peak was weeks ago and grey stormy November is settling in.  However I always find beauty in the area.  I especially love the Moose River and all its winding sections.  A number of years ago, when I was dyeing silk, embroidering on silk and in general making Art Quilts, I put this piece together.  It really embodies early November in the Central Adirondack Region to me.

We left the Adirondacks late morning with the temps at 30ish and and happily watched them climb to about 45 as we drove southwest, arriving home late yesterday afternoon, experiencing sleet, corn snow, rain, sleet, rain, snow etc along the way.  However we saw enough patches of sky to be hopeful for today (plus the forecast said it would be partly sunny).  I awoke this morning to this view out my bedroom window.  

Alas, 4.5 hours southwest is not enough.

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