Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Baby!

At this point in my life I am thankfully well beyond having babies of my own.  Our children seem to be beyond that point as well, as the youngest grand is 8. Darn! As I do love making baby things and shopping for those cute tiny items.  However I hope the older grands, 16 and 18 wait a bit longer to procreate and not make some just so I can knit.

However knitting/spinning folk in my purview are currently creating little ones and that is just so fine. Even though I love making baby sweaters I really don't know how small to make them but just do my best and figure that at some point the dear little one will grow into them.

Aziza popped out fraternal twins in late June.  They are her third set, 2 girls, 2 boys and this time, a boy and a girl.  Aziza is also a twin as is her mom.

Sharon and I spun 4 oz Panda fiber for each project and then made these neat Presto Chango sweaters for Abram Clarence in Clematis Vine plied with Fern and, on the right, Zaylee Elaine in Butterfly Bush.

Meanwhile T was baking a boy for herself and DH Jeremy.  Little Theodore Joseph, to be known as Theo, was born on November 2 weighing in at 9lbs 10oz  of "total love muffin" to quote his mom.
Newborn Theo and his Dad Jeremy.

  The Garter Yoke Sweater and Berry Baby Hat was almost ready by that time.  Of course, it has yet to reach the tyke but hopefully next week our calendars will mesh.  It's knit from our new sportweight superwash merino yarn.

Next up was Kristin. She was was not due until January, but the docs decided the baby was in danger so were closely monitoring both Kristin and the babe. Instead of a prayer shawl I decided to knit a prayer sweater (another garter yoke). The Berry Baby Hat (my fav baby hat that has just a wee bit of fair isle at the tip and a top knot as well) was completed at 6:30 Wed evening, 11/24, and Julia Beverly was born at 9:01 by C-section.

Whew! I know a lot of people were sending love and prayers their way and am so glad to have played a small part in her safe passage to us here on earth.

She's only ONE pound 9 ounces in this picture.  Modern neo natal medicine is producing miracles but I am still sending love and prayers.

Hopefully by the time she is released from the hospital in January she will fit into this newborn sized outfit.


kristin said...

Thanks Susan! Julia will be honored to wear anything you make for her.

Paige said...

Oh my goodness. Talk about an adorable, happy post. Good thoughts for all of those new babies!