Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Egypt time again.

So why do I wait until November to start Holiday presents is my main question???   I do it every year and every year I get nuts.  Yarn does not spoil or mold as our stashes have shown us for many years so why do I think a knitted present will be old if I make it 6 months in advance?  Got any clues for me?

Here's my list:

1- hot pads for my mother  √
2- a specific something, maybe 2, for my sister but she reads this so I am not going to say.
3- texting mitts for one grand daughter - half a √
4- a felted bag for the other granddaughter - started
5- socks for Jim
6- finish my shruggy shawl to wear Christmas eve - half a √
7- a hat or a scarf for my DIL
8- a thank you scarf for Teri
9- there is/are probably another one or two hiding some where in the yarn room

I am not about to set a schedule as the Yarn Harlot does.  It would make me frantic.  Although it actually might bring home reality and save the cost of the cruise down the Nile.

Back to outer space.


Denise said...

I hear you, boy do I hear you. I think I start late because 1.)I hate commiting myself to making a gift 2.)I'm afraid they're taste will change or I'll find something better to make.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am the same way... There's no help for it, some of us are just destined to give fantastic gifts to celebrate New Year's (or Valentine's Day... or April Fool's Day... how about Independence Day??)

For what it's worth, your list doesn't seem outlandish. You can do it!!

Rose said...

Christmas? What is this Christmas that you speak of so highly?

I admit it, I haven't even started except for the adopt a family gifts. For a minute I thought of knitting them all scarves, I laid down till the feeling passed.

But I have faith in you! You can do it!