Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quiet Time

Jim and I planned a nice quiet weekend away together (with Baz of course).  We come up here to canoe, hike, sit, read and just be peaceful.  The town the cottage is in has no overall internet or cell service.  At first this is difficult to get used to but once accepted it is delightful.  The cottage has electric, water, heat, great views and, of course, was completely refitted by Jim so is beautiful as well.

It usually takes me a day or so to unwind and get unhooked from technology but this time I must have been in dire need of being off the tech grid.  We planned a nice hike and a dinner or two out but other than that had nothing special on the agenda.  The weather did not cooperate as it has rained most of the weekend and today is 36 degrees.  So a thought came to me on Friday and I started knitting it.  I knit a prototype and wrote a draft for a lacy beret in about 24 hours.  I am so impressed with what I can do with so much uninterrupted time.
Usually, when up here, I hike from the cottage to town each morning to sit on the benches in front of the closed library borrowing it's wifi (along with several others) but the weather and temps really put a damper on that idea.  So I decided to wait until today at 3 when the Screamen Eagle opened to sit in their bar (um Draft House), have a nice ale, check my messages and write this blog.  I am also about to order a pizza to take back to Jim and Baz.


tchemgrrl said...

That sounds lovely! Sometimes it's nice to have crummy weather, it forces us to hibernate a bit.

Rose said...

What a wonderful getaway!! Sounds like a peaceful way to unwind, something everyone needs!