Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Underestimated big time

 Last Valentines's Day (or was it Xmas?) Jim presented me with such a sweet gift of wheel spun merino plied with spindled silk. As I have said it was just waiting for the perfect project.  I thought this shruggy shawl I am knitting and designing would take maybe 6 ounces of yarn in fingering weight.  The skein Jim presented me with was about 8 oz and 660 yards.

I thought that a great plenty and felt good about it as the ball did not seem to be disappearing quickly at all.

Then all of a sudden at about 22 inches the ball looked very light.  Big space in the center.

I weighed the ball - 3.2oz.  I weighed the knitted piece - 5.1 oz after taking out 0.1 for the needle.
Halfway is about 28 inches.  You do the math. I have several times and just cannot seem to make the ounces stretch.  More than half of 5.1 + 3.2 does not make less than 3.2.  

Shoot - Do I frog the whole thing, thereby relegating the last week of knitting to zero?  I put the project down and proceeded to work on something simpler - T's baby sweater to be precise.  Easy easy and I know I have plenty of yarn for that.  

But the shruggy was sitting there and I love the yarn and I love how it was turning out.


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