Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Real Stars of the Iditarod

are the dogs.  They love to pull.  They love to run.  They love the cold.  Many personalities.  Many shapes and colors.  As you will see from the following photos Alaskan Huskies are not an AKC breed.

Dee Dee Jonrowe, in Nikolai, loosening the harness and towline preparing to rest the team.

Jeff King putting new booties on Titan.

Classic in Nikolai

Sharing a little love - Linwood Fielder with Jeff and Tigger

Kulling - 11 yr old Lead Dog - Won the Golden Harness Award in 2009.

Rincon "in the dog house". Rincon chewed through a steel towline this morning.

Sebastian Schnuelle with Scruggs, Grisman and Cougar

Lance Mackey with Rev

Beetle Juice

Teams taking a well deserved rest in the sunshine in Nikolai.

Newton's team is somewhere in this pic of Nikolai.

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